Demonstration of executable knowledge

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Description: This publet was developed to demonstrate the concept of executable knowledge in the context of clinical guidelines, making use of material about asthma management from the NICE guidance web site.

Publet Introduction:

This publet has been developed as a technical demonstration only, to explain the concept of "executable knowledge" and demonstrate one way in which this AI technique can add a variety of novel functions to traditional clinical guidelines. Additional functionality includes using the guideline as a context in which to record structured patient data, provide many kinds of decision support and follow personalised care pathways.

This is purely a techical demonstration: the publet content has no provenance whatsoever and should not be used for any purpose other than demonstration.

Guideline objectives
Target setting Demonstration only
Target users Guideline authors and distributors
  • Author: J Fox, OpenClinical CIC
  • Release date: 11-02-2020 23:30:00
  • Status: Draft - Under Development
  • History: None
Safety case None

NICE guidance on the diagnosis and management of asthma