There are many kinds of point-of-care applications and services that it is possible to build and deploy using the OpenClinical method and the Tallis platform. A comprehensive manual describing the OpenClinical method will be uploaded to this web site shortly. Here are a few examples of some "publets" that have been built by various authors using the method.

Asthma management

An executable clinical pathway for the assessment and treatment of asthma in children (under 5, and between 6 and 15) and adults (16+) developed for use in primary care and emergency settings.

Triple assessment for suspected breast cancer

Decision support for investigation and managements of patients with possible breast cancer (family history, imaging, biopsy and management decisions)

Head Injury (NICE)

This guideline is based on NICE head injury guidelines as accessed in June 2013 and is intended to demonstrate the use of the OpenClinical platform in Emergency Medicine.

Acute Stroke Demonstrator

Data capture, decision-support and workflow management in acute stroke

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